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Monday, 26 November 2012

Matte Red Lipstick Party Season


Update a classic red lipstick look with a bold, matte hue this party season. There's definitely nothing more passionate than red. Below are some tips to modernising this makeup staple.

First, you want to smooth out the lips with simple sugar scrub (or your toothbrush in a pinch). This will remedy chapped lips for a seamless application.

Next, apply a fiery-red liner, like MAC Lip Pencil REDD in CLEARLY RED, on the entire mouth, followed by your lipstick. 

Use a NYX ; PURE RED ( MLS08) bright red-orange.

Since this look is matte, blot off any excess moisture with a tissue to set.

And to make your red lipstick pop even more, use a highlight on the Cupid's bow, for this highlight, use Make Up Store Eyepencil in Vanilla. You can also use a pencil that's about two shades lighter than your skin tone for a more wearable version. Finally, clean up any smudges with concealer. Pair this over-the-top lip with simply elegant makeup, including a bare face and perfectly groomed brows.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Top 5 Full Coverage Foundation Finishing Powder Combo

Full coverage foundation sounds a bit extreme, but what i mean is the foundation you would wear to someone's wedding or for a night out on the town with the girls — to any special event really. It's heavier than the foundation or tinted moisturizer you might wear to work, and it gives you a flawless, where-has-my-real-skin-gone look. You know the type when you have to wash your face like three times to get it off? That one! We've also got party season beauty front of mind, so there's no better time to talk full coverage. In order to get a heavier application to stay-put, the same beauty rules apply — you need to finish with... finishing powder

Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup

"Thick , blends in really well and has a super subtle shimmer so no need to mix in any illuminator. The oil-free formula is also perfect, awesome."

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup

 "A bit old fashioned, but when a big day that requires solid coverage should always go back to Clinique’s Superbalanced makeup. Love how I can layer it where I need more opacity, but leave it sheer where I don’t."

Mac Cosmetics Sheer/Loose

"Dust this puppy over t-zone for prevent shine and foundation from slipping off the face. It’s super fine, and not too chalky-feeling." 

Revlon ColorStay MakeUp for Normal/Dry Skin

"clear, evenly-toned skin for a big night out. Made for dry skin , doesn’t feel caked on and the colour matches skin tone perfectly. Best thing though, is that it really looks like the user has got a bare face!"

          YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation

" Thick without being cakey." 


All year it's turned out collections that hone in on my favorite trends — and Zara's last looks of 2012 are just as awesome. Perfectly on-point for the party season — without any festive dressing clichés here — the December line-up is a mix of black and white stripes, sophisticated houndstooth blazers, sequined minis, a touch of plaid, and a hearty helping of leather. It may not be rife with the most obvious choices for party dressing, but a printed t-shirt, statement jewels, and a blazer might just be a cooler alternative to your average Christmas dress anyway . They're also the kind of pieces you'll keep in rotation long after your holiday party .

I totally DIG this. LOVE IT.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Neutral Ground x H&M x PANDORA

Fashion's strongest understatements: brushed khaki, embellished ivory, and textured taupe. Go ahead, get a tan.

Fine-knit cardigan in a soft mohair blend with knitted-in sequins, a V-neck, buttons at the front, and a slit in the sides. 

Chiffon blouse with ties at the top and pleats at the hem and back.

Mesh-knit jumper with glittery threads in the yarn, a round neck, and long sleeves. 

Fine-knit jumper in soft yarn containing some alpaca wool, with a sequined collar and button at the back of the neck.

OK, am color blind, wasn't neutral ground at all. All are PINK. =.= 

Now's a REALLY good month to rock sheer tights – a toasty knit cardigan and leg warmers beats the cold weather. Steer clear of an all-black ensemble – winter’s go-to – with a warm-colored palette of browns and reds and pink!

That's why i'm having such a LIKING for knit cardigan/jumper nowadays. All the H&M knit cardigan/jumper are so soft toned and warmed color. Who can resist them, like seriously.

Some PINK bracelet to go along ?


This item is discontinued. FML please.

unhealthy obessions.

Shameless veau velours

                     PERUSIA maybe?



Sky High+Purple ribbon+VAMPANODO=
shoegasm, anyone?

                                  But now it's about Getting Down to Earth Tones


                                          GO NUDE, if not GO HOME


psssttttttt. Nude pumps make your leg slimmer. gawwwddddd

Thursday, 22 November 2012

20 Beauty tips that will rock the hell out.

My top 20 beauty tips that will rock your world.

1. Your foundation will look only as good as the skin underneath. To get an even, smooth look, cleanse and exfoliate regularly.

2. For a longer lasting foundation, try a product with silicone. The silicone creates a sweat-proof and smudge resistant second skin.

3. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergic reactions, make sure you test new cosmetics on a small patch either on the inside of your arm or your neck. If after 24 hours you don’t have a reaction, it is safe to use the product.

4. If you have acne or find you cannot use any skin care products without getting an allergic reaction or dry itchy skin, make an appointment with a dermatologist.

5. A powder bronzer under blush can really even out skin tone. I dab my brush in the bronzer, then into the blush and lightly cover my whole face.

6. For a new bronzer, use a foundation that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone and apply where you would use your bronzer.

7. Papaya mixed with plain yogurt into a paste makes a great exfoliating mask for all skin types!

8. Use an egg white mask for a quick fix for diminishing the appearance of pores.

9. Take care of the skin around your neck as well as your face by applying moisturizer. This is a delicate area which is quick to show wrinkles.

10. Use mascara sparingly. Using too much will make your eyelashes stick together and form into blobs. Dip your brush only once to do both eyes making sure you twist, not pump the brush.

11. No matter how tempting it might be to drop into bed after being out late, don’t do it. Your skin will thank you if you remove all traces of makeup and apply your skin care cream before going to bed.

12. For great looking eyes, make sure to use powder shadows for a natural look and a eyeliner pencil for drama at night. Make sure the liner has a smudge tip at one end to get that smoky eye look. Only line the top of the eye is you’re looking tired. You don’t want to bring more attention to dark circles under the eyes. Neutral tones with a hint of color are flattering on everybody.

13. For sheen on the eyelids, dab a bit of Vaseline for a pretty reflective quality, as well as moisture. Open up the eye with a gold/beige shimmery high lighter onto the brow bone.

14. Don’t throw away cash on an expensive eye makeup remover! Find a pretty glass bottle and fill it with baby shampoo.

15. If your cream eye shadow dries out, use a few drops of water or mineral oil to soften it up again.

16. Potatoes, like cucumbers, will reduce the appearance of dark, under-eye circles.

17. Use blush as a lipstick, then use clear gloss or lip balm over it. Longer staying power.

18. Natural ingredients have been used for centuries as makeup: apply beet juice to lips and cheeks as a stain,or mix it with melted bees wax to make your own lip balm! Cayenne pepper can plump the lips, but use with caution!

19. Use eye makeup remover to treat super dry, chapped lips. It’s a great nighttime lip treatment!

20. Cosmetics do not last forever and using old products can cause irritations. .